Saturday, October 04, 2008

Poor Palin

The Palin's released their tax returns for 2007 this past week and their income was the lowest of the four candidates for national office by a good bit. Their income was $166,000 compared with $320,000 for Joe Biden and his wife. McCain reported $852,000 in household income and Obama made $4.2 million...mostly from book sales.

It is interesting that the Palin's made about one-half as much as the Biden's and yet they managed to donate 3-times as much to charity. The Palins donated $3,325 vs. $995 which the Biden's managed to give. The phenomenon continues to play itself out when liberals charity seems to begin and mostly end with using someone else's money to help those "less fortunate".

Friday, October 03, 2008

Just the Facts

When the Democrats took over the House of Representatives and the Senate back in January of 2007, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was at an all-time high of 12,400 and gas prices hovered around $2.15 per gallon. The Republican-led Congress of the previous 4-years had left a strong-economy in the hands of Socialist Democrats.

Fast-forward two years, under Democrat-controlled Congress. Just last week the Dow Jones hit a 5-year low of 10,485 and gas prices loomed near $4 dollars a gallon.

Of course, it is all Bush's fault.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Chinese Toxicity

Fifteen more Chinese dairy companies were identified Wednesday as producing milk products contaminated with an industrial chemical (melamine), further broadening a scandal affecting products ranging from baby formula to chocolate, authorities said.

The contamination has been blamed for the deaths of four children and kidney ailments among 54,000 others. More than 13,000 children have been hospitalized and 27 people arrested in connection with the tainting.

This confirms a long held belief by BestView that the U.S. should avoid anything from China which is meant to be ingested. My favorite example is talapia, a farm-grown fish which is likely contaminated by whatever is in the water where it is farmed. The label should have the country of origin on the package and Chinese talapia is easily avoided. Unless you are convinced that all the water in China is pure, don't take the risk.

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