Monday, August 31, 2009

Just Wondering

Now that Kennedy has had his royal funeral, will there finally be a wind farm in Cape Cod?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Ex-Congressman Jefferson needs a cell mate

Rep. Charles Rangel, chairman of the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee, has failed to pay taxes on two plots of land he has in New Jersey, records show.

Rangel's ownership of the small, undeveloped properties came to light on Tuesday only after he drastically amended at least six years of financial-disclosure forms he had filed annually with the House clerk as required by law.

The corrected filings as much as doubled the amount of personal wealth Rangel has claimed going back years and revealed at least $780,000 in previously unreported assets.

The Harlem Democrat concealed somewhere between $38,902 and $116,800 in 2007 income, according to the revised filings.

Among the assets he failed to list was a checking account containing somewhere between $250,000 and $500,000.

Also undisclosed for years were two lots he owns in Glassboro, NJ, about 100 miles from the city.

Rangel is delinquent on his taxes on that property, according to the Gloucester County Clerk's office.

He currently owes $159.39 in unpaid property taxes for the second and third quarters of this year, according to the clerk's office.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why the delay

Obama says that he will pay for his government take over of our health care system by eliminating waste, fraud, and abuse in such current programs as medicaid and medicare. When will he be asked why not go ahead and do it if it is so easy? It makes you wonder if he needs new law to ration health care for seniors via fiat.

Torture by CIA Confirmed

"An Agency (redacted phrase) interrogator admitted that, in December 2002, he and another (redacted phrase) smoked cigars and blew cigar smoke in al-Nashiri's face during the interrogation," said the IG report.

The IG, however, was unable to clearly establish that the smoke-blowing was intended to force Nashiri to cough up what he knew about al-Qaida's plans.

"The interrogator claimed they did this to 'cover the stench' in the room and to help keep the interrogators alert late at night," said the IG report. "This interrogator said he would not do this again based on 'perceived criticism.' Another agency interrogator admitted that he also smoked cigars during two sessions with al-Nashiri to mask the stench in the room.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Now it is official---racists disagree withObama

President Barack Obama is trying to make positive changes in the United States, but is being fought at every turn by right-wingers who hate him because he is black, former Cuban leader Fidel Castro said on Tuesday.

No sexting

In Houston, Texas, thousands of students are returning to school to discover a new rule: no "sexting" -- the distribution of nude or semi-nude photographs or videos by text message.

In Houston, one of the biggest school districts in the United States, education authorities decided to adopt the new rule before some 200,000 students returned to classes after their summer vacation.

"Some principals raised the issue, so we included a provision saying sending, receiving, possessing sexually suggestive messages is forbidden," said Hans Graff, assistant general counsel at the Houston Independent School district.

Yeah, that will work. Problem solved.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Major Disappointment

BestView is really bummed since we were all ready to snitch on the people here in Georgia who were saying bad things about Obama's attempt to take over the health care system. We wrote him at his spy web site called or some such telling him fishy stuff was going on down here and pledged our willingness to turn over names. Now we learn he has decided to close the web site and our efforts will not be required, I guess.

I have great confidence Obama will come up with some other plan, however, so I remain diligent in my efforts to rat out my fellow citizens.....especially those who come to congressional town hall meetings and act like a mob. You all better watch your step out there.

GBS Worries

BestView is worried about the new H1N1 vaccine which will be rushed out this Fall and given to millions including a large number of children.

It is being developed by pharmaceutical companies and will be given to about 13million people during the first wave of immunization, expected to start in October.

Top priority will be given to everyone aged six months to 65 with an underlying health problem, pregnant women and health professionals.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

How to lose the argument

The poor White House is losing the fight against the people. The polls show over 50% oppose the Obama attempt to take over health care in America like he did the banks and auto makers. This was evident from the reaction to ordinary citizens at town hall meetings with elected officials. What to do? Well, the smartest, most articulate man in America just happens to be President, so we will send him out to do these town hall meetings and let him set the ignorant masses back in their place. The problem came when it came time to set up these meetings. First, we need the crowd to be supportive and adoring of Obama. Next we need the same passion and outrage that is manifested in real, non-staged town hall meeting in which supporters 11 year old children are not given written questions to read that redefine the concept of soft ball questions.
So, once again, the President messes up the message by refusing to be truthfull and remaining in campaign mode. Even those of us who do not ordinarily pay much attention know that we have a con job being pulled and Obama has lost the debate and his health care take-over is dead in the water. Thank God.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Now they want facts out of Obama to be true

Read it all here.

CHICAGO—The American College of Surgeons is deeply disturbed over the uninformed public comments President Obama continues to make about the high-quality care provided by surgeons in the United States. When the President makes statements that are incorrect or not based in fact, we think he does a disservice to the American people at a time when they want clear, understandable facts about health care reform. We want to set the record straight.

Yesterday during a town hall meeting, President Obama got his facts completely wrong. He stated that a surgeon gets paid $50,000 for a leg amputation when, in fact, Medicare pays a surgeon between $740 and $1,140 for a leg amputation. This payment also includes the evaluation of the patient on the day of the operation plus patient follow-up care that is provided for 90 days after the operation. Private insurers pay some variation of the Medicare reimbursement for this service.


The way I see the current revolt against the Obama "reform" agenda is as follows:

1) if there is no effort to limit medical malpractice awards, it is not reform
2) if you can't expand your health insurance choices beyond your state borders, it is not reform
3) if tax payers are required to pay for some else's abortion, it is not reform
4) if the rationing of health care involves the government in any way, it is not reform, it is a travesty
5) if there is a public option, it is another travesty
6) if your elected representative is not forced into that public option, there should be riots in the street and probably will be
7) if both parties do not sign on to what is passed, there will be a political bloodbath and there may be one even if it is bipartisan
8) if the American people are stupid enough to accept Obama's reform when he uses the Post Office to support his argument, we will get what we deserve

Monday, August 10, 2009

Amazing Poll

Gallup just report the most amazing poll I have ever read. The number of Americans who say the media have exaggerated global warming jumped to a record 41 percent in 2009, up from 35 percent a year ago. The most marked increase came among political independents, whose ranks of doubters swelled from 33 percent to 44 percent. Republican doubters grew from 59 percent to 66 percent, while Democratic skeptics stayed at around 20 percent.

This is almost clear proof that democrats are unable to think for themselves relative to other Americans. More than 20 % should be skeptical about anything the media prints or says on TV. That includes the direction of sunrise.

Friday, August 07, 2009

The Pelosi Analysis

From Jonah Goldberg.
Nancy Pelosi's accusation that those showing up at townhalls are being sent there as part of an astroturf campaign by the health insurance industry and they're showing up with swastikas.
Now this is a pas de trois of dishonesty, slander, and idiocy. Not only is Pelosi lying when she says protesters are bringing swastikas to these town halls, not only is she suggesting that American citizens are Nazis for having the effrontery to get in the way of Obamacare, but she’s also saying that the alleged swastikas are obvious proof that these protests are manufactured by slick P.R. gurus.

How does that work? What public-relations genius says: “Okay, we need these protests to seem like an authentic backlash of real Americans. Make sure everyone has enough Nazi paraphernalia!”

Thursday, August 06, 2009

The BestView Report to Obama

On the White House's blog Wednesday, people were asked to help stop the spread of disinformation about legislation to overhaul health insurance. The post offered an e-mail address,, for users to forward anything "on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy."
The following is my E-mail to comply with the request:

Dear White House;
As a good citizen, I am hereby reporting some fishy goings on here in Georgia. These backward people down here think the Obama plan to take over our health care system in Chicago fashion is idiotic and some are even complaining openly. They think the government is inept and can't even execute a plan to give away money to people to buy cars. One lady said that Obama was lying when he said the changes would give more health insurance to more people and save money. If you would like me to send names of these subversives, just let me know.

Your humble servant diligently spying on neighbors,

Gary Best

Don't blame Republicans

The Democrat National Committee and the Obama administration is blaming the Republicans for the protests at town hall meetings which are opposing the nebulous health care proposals being constructed by Congress. This is almost laughable since the Republicans would not be a diminishing political force if they could organize anything.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The iPhone

The Mrs. and I got new iPhones yesterday and really love them. For once, the hype is warranted.

Birther Insanity

This birther phenomenon is almost as amazing as the Palin derangement on the left. Some kooks persist in maintaining that Obama was not born in the U.S. and CNNs Lou Dobbs gives it air time. Now the leftists at MSNBC and various commentators such as Eugene Robinson go wacky with outrage. If everyone would just ignore the issue, it would die, but that doesn't seem likely.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

What does a picture say?

Obama, Professor Gates and Sergeant Crowley meet for a beer to rescue Obama from a gaffe that distracted him for a week. This White House photo showing Obama racing ahead of his "friend", the crippled Professor while the cop helps him with stairs is amazing from many different viewpoints, but most of all it is amazing the White House let us see the picture. How many voted for Obama thinking he was a kind, considerate man who was going to look out for the less fortunate in our society. Maybe not so much when he thinks nobody is watching.

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