Thursday, March 17, 2005

Back to the Blog

Vacation is over and we survived the Amazon Jungles and all the travel-related obstacles. As I look around at what I missed over the last couple of weeks, I see very little of major import. Michael Jackson is on trial and Peterson is going to the big house to await years of appeals of his death sentence. They are still trying to kill the Schiavo lady in Florida and will evidently succeed. The dems in the Senate are still claiming they will block Bush's judicial nominations and the repubs are still threatening to pass a rule preventing the use of the filibuster against judge's confirmation. Bush still won't take any action to prevent our country from being invaded through our southwestern borders. The feminists are going crazy once again, evidently. The poor President of Harvard is under attack because he threw out the idea that maybe women were not as adept as men in the sciences. That is not even a suitable matter for debate at Harvard. The brilliant police department in Fulton County, Georgia decided to send a 5 foot tall grandmother into court to accompany an unshackled criminal who was twice her size and now we are just astonished that he was able to take her gun from her and kill 3 people at least. Don't try to tell anyone that there are some jobs women simply shouldn't have. I have to go look for something more positive than all this.

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