Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hillary challenges the English language

BestView enjoys few things more than watching the dem candidates wallow in the muck during this extended campaign. The latest is Hillary's claim that Bill found Bosnia too dangerous for him to visit so he sent his wife and only child. As the plane landed there was such heavy sniper fire that nobody could recollect it except Hillary and the CBS cameras failed to confirm her ducking and bobbing for cover upon landing. So, we have a problem. How does the campaign control the damage of this revelation? First, they said she "misspoke". This claim has the unfortunate problem of ignoring that the tale was not just spoken, but also included in a book someone wrote for Hillary. Oops. We need other language to replace the fact that she lied about something other than sex. Others with greater facility in the English language have come forth with suggestions. Some have been used before like she "confused her facts". She "misremembered". Some one said her account of the Bosnian trip simply lacked the virtue of being true. Whatever.

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