Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dream Dinner Party

If I were to give a dinner party for 10 people, who would I invite? Assuming the guests were not family or politicians, the following 10, in no particular order, would be my choice. Anyone wanting to offer a competing list is welcome to post a comment here on BestView.

Stephen Hawking--I am sure he could get me to understand the universe by the time dessert is served.
Boone Pickens--A Texan who has given millions to Oklahoma State and has a continuous stream of investment ideas for how to make more. Surely he would share some with me.
Camille Paglia--What other woman could better represent all womanhood at this dinner party?
Tom Wolfe--He would need to be seated by Camille with a hidden recorder needed to preserve their conversation.
Tiger Woods--Maybe he could help with my game, but if not, he would probably be the most widely respected person in the room.
John Bolton--the former U.N. Ambassador has a world view that I admire and more common sense than anyone observing the world scene.
Billy Graham--someone needs to bless this meal and he probably has a better line of communication to God than anyone else.
Terry Fator--Another Texan. Any dinner party needs an entertainer and he is the most talented one I have ever seen or heard.
Antonin Scalia--a brilliant man I would have sitting to my right so I could readily get his take on whatever came up in the various conversations.
Doyle Brunson--a Texan who has been playing poker successfully for 50 years. It would be fun to watch him correctly size up the dinner participants in the first 10 minutes.

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