Monday, September 15, 2008

Democrat Ethics

For most of the past few years, most of the ethical lapses amongst our politicians seemed to be focused on the GOP. Now we have the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, Charles Rangle, with problems involving the use of rent controlled apartments in NY and an inability to figure out a way to pay his taxes even though Ways and Means writes our tax policy. He bought a condo in the Dominican several years ago and somewhere along the way the 10.5% interest rate on the purchase was "forgiven" and the rental income for when he wasn't using the condo was disregarded for tax purposes.

Since Charlie is a black politician from Harlem, BestView expected this to be largely overlooked even though Republicans in the House of Representatives have called for an ethics investigation and for him to step aside from his chairmanship. The surprise here is the call today by the New York Times for his stepping aside from the chairmanship while the ethics investigation proceeds. Amazing.

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