Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy New Year in Congress

This year promises to be just delightful as we watch the dems exercise their large majoritity powers. The first act in this play is the seating of Roland Burris as the replacement for Barrack. The governor of Illinois has the full backing of the state's laws to appoint a successor and as far as anyone can tell, Mr. Burris is just as qualified to be a senator as Chris Dodd, for example, who took sweetheart mortgage deals from Country Wide while serving as Chairman of the Banking Committee. However, the dems painted themselves into this corner because they didn't want to risk an election that the Republicans might win--even though they all called for one after Blagojevich was accused of corruption. Senator Reid, who is a complete idiot, doesn't want to seat Burris, but there is only one way to legally proceed and that is to seat him and then expel the only black in the senate. That would really be fun. The law as expressed in the nation's constitution does not allow Senator Reid to block his legal acceptance of the seat. The only crime Burris is guilty of is accepting a legal appointment to serve his country. This should be fun and we can expect many more examples of dem problems with near monopoly power in Congress.

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