Wednesday, December 02, 2009

War President

Obama has now adopted his own war and the consequences are predictable. His approval ratings will descend with the lefties joining those of us who decided early that this guy was an empty suit and voted for McCain with our nose held. With many in congress now opposed to his nation building in a country that has resisted building for centuries, Obama will be asking Republicans to join him in bipartianship while he continues to blame them on a daily basis for all problems he inherited.

My sister says she voted for Obama thinking he would bring the troops home from Afghanistan and is now in despair---her words. That is somewhat ironic to BestView since Obama's position on Afghanistan was pretty clear to me when he called it a war of necessity. Now, pursuing a broadened military action there may be the only campaign promise he kept. He certainly didn't bring a change to Washington that anyone can believe in.

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