Sunday, January 10, 2010

Just Wondering

I haven't done much research on this, but the recent news report that Gilbert Arenas, who plays basketball for the Washington Wizards, has been suspended for bringing guns to work got me to thinking about the frequency of such incidents in the black athletic community. An NFL player named Henry died recently after falling out of a pickup during a fight with his live-in girlfriend. An NFL receiver playing for the New York Giants is in prison for shooting himself in a night club a year or so ago. Steve McNair, a former NFL quarterback was shot and killed recently by his live-in girlfriend (even though he was still married). A college football player at U. Conn died after being stabbed during a fight outside a nightclub this year. A couple of years ago another NFL player was shot in his home in Florida. Some idiot NFL player who went by the name of Packman had to be thrown out of the league because of so many run-ins with the law. Michael Vick went to prison for dog fighting and killing. Mike Tyson went to jail for rape and has had several other close calls with law enforcement which might well have sent him back to prison. Then there is O.J. Simpson.

Somebody needs to wake up.

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