Friday, March 26, 2010

Bring on the election

BestView is excited about the coming elections this Fall. When the dems decided to resort to reconciliation to pass the health care bill, it was necessary to accept the changes imposed by the House of Representatives with no changes. The problem was the rules permitted Republicans to offer amendments. Since the dems had to vote them down, they had to take some painful, public opposition to these amendments. Here are some examples of things which were opposed by some of these senators who will be running for election:

1) eliminate the excise tax on children in wheelchairs
2) outlaw government buying erectile dysfunction drugs for rapists and sex offenders
3) exempt rural critical care hospitals from funding cuts
4) exempt pacemakers from the excise tax
They also had to vote in favor of gutting medicare advantage, taxing investment income (big deal in New York where Kirsten Gillibrand is running), and Arlen Specter had to deny Pennsylvania the right to opt out of the health care mandates.
Tighten restrictions on illegal aliens getting health care? Dems are against it. Criminal penalties for failing to buy health insurance? Yes.
The campaign ads are going to be just wonderful.

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