Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Cold Weather in Iraq

I am still not sure why our military in Iraq continues to write home asking for clothing to keep warm. I have written about this before and some of the reasons seem to be a) they were given allowances to buy clothing before they left and didn't plan correctly, and b) they had clothing, but it was lost or stolen when sent to the laundry. Some of our troops who have just arrived seem to be in need of warm clothing as indicated by this E-mail from a Marine in Iraq. You can respond to this web site.

22 Dec 2004:
Our Deployment started out as the 31St MEU, Then We were tasked in short notice that we would be leaving for Iraq, Though we are now begining to adjust to life in Iraq, it is still hard to adjust to the cold weather, the best possible things that could be sent are, warn gloves, any type of warm clothing, thermo socks. thank you for your selfless acts to support what we are doing.

P.S. anything of entertainment value is always welcomed.

Sgt "Slim" Schroepfer


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