Wednesday, December 08, 2004

More from "Any Soldier"

I have been reading more of the requests from our military here. This morning I saw the following:

From the Soldier:

07 Dec 2004:
the guys are no longer in need of food products...they are more concerned about the cold weather and keeping warm....
wool socks, waterproof gloves, heavy duty flashlights (streamline or surefire), long sleeve underarmour, coldgear tactical hood, thermal underwear, a watch, 2 way radio( 5 mile or greater!)

I probably shouldn't be writing this with smoke still coming out of my ears, but I am absolutely incensed that we would send a single soldier to Northern Iraq where the winters are known to some to be fairly brutal without absolutely everthing imaginable to protect them from the weather. Wool socks? Thermal underwear? Underarmor? Flashlights? Who is responsible for this nonsense. I am outraged. My Congressman brother-in-law doesn't like to be confronted with things like this, but that is just tough in this case.

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