Thursday, May 12, 2005

Sad correlation

The news, especially cable news, seems to move from one tragic missing/murdered child to another. We had a couple in Florida and now two girls in Illinois were murdered by the father of one 9 year old. The commentators on these news programs never seem to linger on the obvious fact that in essentially all cases the family is to some degree non-functional. A father was shacked up with a girlfriend when his child is taken and killed by a known child molestor living in the neighborhood. In another case a woman stays with a man who is just out of prison for attacking someone with a running chainsaw. He kills her child. He has some 19 felony and heavy misdemeanors on his record. In Georgia, a mother lets her two children--aged around 2--wander off and drown in a sewage pond. Her ineptidude as a mother was well documented by the state child welfare workers, but she evidently could not function as a caretaker for her children.
Until the underpinnings of the American family are strengthened, more sad stories like these are to come.

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