Sunday, May 01, 2005

What's Important

I have decided there is a large disconnect between what the people I happen to talk to in the course of daily contact think is a problem in the U.S. and what the TV and other major media are talking and concerned about. Right now, everyone but the people are talking about social security and what changes we should make and whether Bush is winning or losing on the issue. There is no interest in the subject as far as I can tell. The young people I meet should be concerned, but don't seem to have moved intellectually beyond the point where they are resigned to the fact it won't be there for them. The extractions from their pay for social security is painless and has always been there, so it is accepted. Young people have other concerns. Old geezers all seem to realize that the problem won't ever affect themselves and don't seem to have the energy to fight on behalf of their children and grandchildren. Likewise, the broad middle age group in America probably have other bigger worries financially than social security. They are focused on the next set of monthly payments, college tuition for children, and gas prices.
The one issue which I hear talked about during casual contact is not at all on the radar of the politicians and media. That is the complete breakdown of security on our borders. The President spent one hour answering questions from the press last Thursday and nobody brought up the subject. The liberals don't want to stop the influx of potential democrat voters and the conservatives don't want to seem cruel so the problem festers. So, the politicians ignore the problem. I predict that will change at some point this year. There will be some event which focuses the national attention on the disgraceful lack of enforcement of our border laws and I just hope it is not another 9-11 sized incident. If it is, President Bush will never have another night of peaceful sleep and his presidency will be forever held in the disgrace it will deserve. He stood on the steps of the capitol twice with his hand on the Bible and swore to uphold the laws of the U.S. He has not done it and neither have the 535 Congressmen and women who took a similar oath. A situation like this can only end badly.

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