Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Pelosi Scorecard

Pelosi vowed that five-day workweeks would be a hallmark of a harder-working Democratic majority. So far, the House has logged only one. Lawmakers plan to clock three days this week.

Her vow to clean up the terrible ethical mess left by the Republicans was detoured somewhat when she put Representative Jefferson on the Homeland Security Committee. This had the unfortunate result of handing someone who could not get a security clearance on a committee where he will have access to the nations most highly classified information.

The Washington Post reported during the weekend that she is helping chairmen raise money from donors with business before their committees. Wasn't that Delay's egregious crime?

The speaker has denied Republicans a vote on their proposals during congressional debates -- a tactic she previously declared oppressive and promised to end. Pelosi has opened the floor to a Republican alternative just once.

The list of such failures will probably grow.

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