Sunday, February 01, 2009

Change at last

Obama promised change if we elected him and by golly we are getting it. First we got the nomination of Gov. Bill Richardson for Commerce secretary but he is facing indictment for doing favors for a contributor so he withdrew his name. Next we have the new Treasury secretary who will be in charge of the IRS even though he couldn't find a way to pay his own taxes. Now we have the biggest, phoniest crook of them all nominated to be Secretary of Health and Human Services. Senator Tom Daschle just discovered he did not pay his taxes either, but once he was nominated, he corrected that small matter to the tune of some $130,000. All of this is terribly embarassing to the dems, of course, but they are responding as one might predict. The following is from the New York Times which has yet to become upset by Obama's nominees.

On Capitol Hill, Senate Democrats rallied around Mr. Daschle, a former senator from South Dakota who lost his seat in 2004 while serving as the minority leader. Mr. Daschle is a close ally of the president’s — he marshaled his staff on behalf of the Obama campaign, and at least five former Daschle aides now have top White House jobs — and Democrats vowed to go to bat for him.

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