Tuesday, February 03, 2009

An example of when the same can be "change"

During the Bush administration liberals argued that rendition - whether for the purpose of torture or otherwise - violated human rights and constitutional norms. Accordingly, they demanded that the U.S. abandon the rendition program altogether and that other countries refrain from helping enforce it (e.g., by allowing CIA flights over their airspace).

Obama has announced he will continue the renditions policy and many liberals have come forward to defend the new boss. The typical liberal defense of Obama argues that rendition is not wrong in and of itself, but that removal of persons for the purpose of torturing or indefinitely detaining them violates human rights norms. Because Obama has banned the use of torture (which pre-existing statutes and treaties already prohibited) and ordered the CIA to close its long-term detention centers, all is now just swell with rendition of terrorists.

BestView is running non-stop keeping up with liberal phonies.

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