Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pretty good analysis by Neal Boortz

The United States tells them not to do it. The useless United Nations tells them not to do it. They do it. It has been five days since North Korea launched a missile capable of reaching Hawaii. What is America's response? What is the international response? The silence is deafening. What are we showing here? Weakness or strength?

The mad man that runs Iran is bragging that they now have 7000 centrifuges up and running making enriched nuclear weapons-grade fuel. He also brags that they have developed a technology that enhances the enrichment progress. At the same time the Iranian president continues to say that Israel's days are limited. In the meantime Vice President Joe Biden warns Israel that they had better not even think about attacking Iran. No strong warning to Iran. What are we projecting here, strength or weakness?

The Islamic pirates continue to hold an American hostage off the coast of Somalia. We're talking, not acting. So far I have not heard about any search for the pirate mother ship and there's no talk of blockading Somalian ports. The pirates may well end up with millions of dollars and safe passage to Somalia where they will release their American hostage. Strength or weakness?

The American the ragtag Islamic pirates are holding tried to escape. He dove out of the boat and into the water and tried to get away. Our Navy was standing off and not close enough to help him. The Islamic pirates overtook him and took him into custody again. This man tried to escape in full view of American forces. They were either unable or unwilling to help him. Perhaps the American Captain thought that when he was out of the pirate's boat the Navy would blow them away. Didn't happen. Strength or Weakness?

America - once strong, now cowering.

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