Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Torture Politics

BestView knew Obama was a liberal and would appoint liberals to government positions and would, at certain times, be inclined to cater to his liberal loon supporters. This nonsense over the released CIA documents goes well beyond my worst fears. After 9/11 we capture some of the principals in the terror attack and want to know who else was involved and what other plans were in play to attack us. The CIA asks for guidance from the lawyers in the Attorney Generals office detailing what they could do and several opinions were forthcoming which green-lighted interrogation tactics which were used to gain information which even the Obama administration admits was valuable and saved lives of U.S. citizens.
Now that the loons have a pliable neophyte in the White House, they want to go back and not only second guess the legal opinions, they want to prosecute the lawyers who rendered the opinions and hopefully be able to reach up to Bush and Cheney so they can be frog-marched to prison. The only way they can do this is to call the tactics employed "torture". It is fair to say that Americans do not endorse torture, but BestView holds that what we did---waterboarding, sleep deprivation, head slapping, and talking harshly to those who killed Americans was not torture. Torture is what BestView would impose on an Al-qaeda leader with information which would prevent the death of a single U.S. citizen. Some might not agree with the tactics we would use, but at least my interrogation could, if need be, progress to a point where the loony leftists would be able to use the term "torture" appropriately.

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