Friday, June 12, 2009

Government Health Care

Every now and then BestView runs across a comment or letter to the editor which captures a point of view with which it is difficult to argue. Such is the following comment on proposed "universal coverage" by The Elector of Saxony at Gateway Pundit.

The problem is that more than half the country pays zero or less then zero in taxes (they receive "tax credits" even after paying a zero tax rate.) More than half the country is functionally illiterate in English, and completely ignorant of the facts of economics, commerce, and mathematics. Such a population gave us Barack Obama, an utterly unqualified President. They will gladly support the leader's "FREE" healthcare, because they are not capable of understanding the broad implications.

Go to the fast-food joints in your town and ask anyone who works there to explain a simple supply curve to you. Half can't read English, the other half can't understand. That's Obama's voting base! Now there are 10's of millions of them who vote Democrat on command.

Show me a farmer who tries to reason with a plague of locusts, and I'll show you an educated Conservative trying to explain the logic of demand-driven, private healthcare over command, statist, communal healthcare to an "undocumented worker" or a half-witted Junior College 3rd year Freshman who waits tables at Chili's.

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