Monday, June 29, 2009

Prisoner Abuse???

"Three days a week, Georgia now serves inmates only two meals. And across the country, there have been increasing reports of substandard food. This is inhumane. Adequate meals should be a nonnegotiable part of a civilized penal system. It is also bad policy. Researchers have found a connection between poor food quality and discipline problems and violence. Georgia has nevertheless decided to save on staff costs by serving just two meals on Friday, as it already did on Saturday and Sunday. The state says it gives prisoners the same number of calories on days when one meal is skipped. Even if it does — and some prisoners’ advocates are skeptical — it can be oppressive to go so long without eating."

This, from a New York Times editorial, suggests to me that my fair state of Georgia is doing the right thing. The entire editorial can be read here, but it fails to mention that an additional rationale for the twice-a-day meal plan is those are on days when the prisoners do no work.

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