Saturday, August 15, 2009

How to lose the argument

The poor White House is losing the fight against the people. The polls show over 50% oppose the Obama attempt to take over health care in America like he did the banks and auto makers. This was evident from the reaction to ordinary citizens at town hall meetings with elected officials. What to do? Well, the smartest, most articulate man in America just happens to be President, so we will send him out to do these town hall meetings and let him set the ignorant masses back in their place. The problem came when it came time to set up these meetings. First, we need the crowd to be supportive and adoring of Obama. Next we need the same passion and outrage that is manifested in real, non-staged town hall meeting in which supporters 11 year old children are not given written questions to read that redefine the concept of soft ball questions.
So, once again, the President messes up the message by refusing to be truthfull and remaining in campaign mode. Even those of us who do not ordinarily pay much attention know that we have a con job being pulled and Obama has lost the debate and his health care take-over is dead in the water. Thank God.

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