Friday, August 14, 2009


The way I see the current revolt against the Obama "reform" agenda is as follows:

1) if there is no effort to limit medical malpractice awards, it is not reform
2) if you can't expand your health insurance choices beyond your state borders, it is not reform
3) if tax payers are required to pay for some else's abortion, it is not reform
4) if the rationing of health care involves the government in any way, it is not reform, it is a travesty
5) if there is a public option, it is another travesty
6) if your elected representative is not forced into that public option, there should be riots in the street and probably will be
7) if both parties do not sign on to what is passed, there will be a political bloodbath and there may be one even if it is bipartisan
8) if the American people are stupid enough to accept Obama's reform when he uses the Post Office to support his argument, we will get what we deserve

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