Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just Wondering

The efforts of our esteemed legislators to extend health insurance to everyone will require mandates that we all buy a policy. This means that young people just getting started in life will have to go get themselves some health insurance which they currently don't want or need. Well, that is not a decision our government is willing to let them make. As things stand now, they have to choose a policy from among those available in their state which tells the insurance companies what must be covered by policies sold in that state. This is why insurance costs more in New Jersey where they have to offer psychiatric care, abortions, and other things one might not need coverage for.

Here is the question. If a 25 year old male is compelled to buy a policy, will he be required to get one which has maternity benefits he doesn't want or need? Or, will the state allow him to buy a policy that costs a whole lot less than one a 25 year old female would have to buy a much more expensive policy to get Ob-Gyn and pregnancy coverage? BestView bets the male will get the weinie.

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