Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fraudulant Science Revealed

Any scientist who had looked at the data for 5 minutes knew immediately that the science behind anthropogenic climate change claims was bogus and didn't make sense. Al Gore, of course, called the science "settled". Well, now a series of E-mails between some of the scientists responsible for the hoax has been obtained via computer hacking. A very good rundown of these e-mail exchanges is given here, but the important thing to look for is how long---if ever--- the scam remains out of the main stream media which has bought so completely into the story. As of right now, the bloggers have it to themselves, but maybe Fox News will blow the thing open and others will not be able to avoid it. Should be interesting.

From the blog:

A CEO is going to hire a new accountant and summons a series of candidates. He asks each applicant, "What is two plus two?" The first two candidates answer, "Four." They don't get the job. The third responds, "What do you want it to be?" He gets hired. The climate alarmists' attitude toward data appears to me much the same as that fictional accountant's attitude toward arithmetic.

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