Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Beware Chinese Fish

BestView has commented previously on the subject of China's water quality problems. As shown in the article below which was published in the Wall Street Journal today, even the Chinese are now admitting their water is polluted. Keep this in mind when you consider buying talapia grown in the water there and shipped here. Just read the packages and country of origin on these fish.

BEIJING—China's government said its water is far more polluted and its industry is producing far more waste than previously realized, in a major study that environmentalists welcomed as a step toward greater transparency.

China's first official nationwide census of pollution sources, issued Tuesday, found that the amount of pollution discharged into the water totaled 30.3 million metric tons in 2007—more than double the 13.8 million tons reported for that year in a report two years ago, where the government claimed water pollution had declined 3% from a year earlier.

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