Sunday, February 28, 2010

Interesting Finding on Reconciliation

Another interesting wrinkle results from their using reconciliation to pass this thing. As I understand it, reconciliation bills have limits on them because they're passed as part of the budget. So if this health care bill gets passed through reconciliation, it would only be for five years. The Democrats have set up the first decade of the bill by having the tax increases and Medicare cuts start now, but the benefits would only kick in after four years in order to get a good rating from the CBO. So just as the benefits were beginning, we'll be bogged down in a massive debate over whether or not to extend this thing. And who knows what the composition of the Congress will be five years from now even if Obama is still in the White House. So if you're planning now to have Obamacare, remember that you have to wait four years and it might only be in place, in this form, for one year before we get the fun of enduring this debate one more year.

Thanks to Betsy

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