Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Military E- mail from Iraq

One of lots of E-mails home from here.

Started going out in the cycle of patrols the last few days. The only one really suffering are the gunners because of the cold. As people have said many times on this site ... if you've got cold weather gear, bring it. Maybe only until the end of March, but you'll need it.

When I origianaly prepared to come here, we joked about making an award for FOBbit of the Month. Now it seems like there are plenty of people in my unit that will be in contention! It's especailly disheartening since we are in an infantry unit and we run so many patrols a day, that there are those people who never will have to leave the FOB. Ever.

Then I look at it the other way. When we all get home, nobodys loved one is going to care if somebody did 365 patrols or none. Loved ones are only going to care that there's came home from Iraq.

It is a lot different than when we were here the first time. Despite the news that you may get in the States, the “insurgents” are loosing. Big time. It is unfortunate that we have to go around wearing “Samarri suits” to keep us alive if we do get attacked. But the fact of the matter is, thier will is broken. They know that every act of aggression against us will be met with crushing force.

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