Monday, February 14, 2005

Random Thoughts

Television yesterday featured two completely worthless activities. First was the NFL Pro Bowl which is held in Hawaii and none of the players want to participate in the actual game. You simply can't watch it and if you are not careful when clicking to other channels, you might wind up with the Grammy Awards on your screen and the sights and sounds forthcoming from that are potentially lethal.

Internet bloggers have claimed two more victims who lost their jobs (in addition to Dan Rather) because of information diseminated by this medium. Eason Jordan, the head of CNN news, made a stupid claim that our military was targeting reporters for death in Iraq and this came on top of his earlier claim that CNN had suppressed news from Iraq so as not to make Saddam look bad and possibly taking it out on CNN reporters. Good riddance. Then liberal bloggers outted a man who obtained press credentials under a pseudonym, asked easy questions of Bush at press conferences, and may even be gay. The regulars at the White House were just aghast that their environs could be invaded in this manner. Now the big question of the day is just who is a journalist? The problem as I see it is we may broaden the definition in such a way as to include bloggers as part of the journalist community. If that happens, I may have to reconsider this activity.

Howard Dean's first excursion as head of the democrats will be to Mississippi. That should be interesting.

I wonder if the most perfect love song for this Valentine's Day is Charlie Robison's rendition of "You aren't the best but you're the best that I can do?"

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