Sunday, June 26, 2005

Children in Iraq

I was just reading an E-mail from a soldier in Iraq :

Laurie Strange
Attn: Any Soldier
HHD, Task Force Cerberus
APO AE 09354

She was asking for small toys for the troops to give out in their area. Here is her justification for this request which was accompanied by a picture of a young boy holding a stuffed bear.

This notation is to update my information, this young boy is holding a heart and teddy bear from a nice gentleman and his family from Germany. This gentleman and his family were inspired by my e-mail to your website and decided to write me, I'm tremendously Blessed and I look forward to hearing from other great americans.

The gentleman asked me to give this gift to a child, because another soldier recently served in Iraq, met a child there and had given this child a gift and when the soldier and his convoy was approaching the same area where the little girl had received the bear from the soldier previously. The young girl stood in the street and would not allow the convoy to pass, the soldiers later found out that there was an IED (Explosive) up ahead of the convoy.

That sure sounds like a good reason to send toys to troops. You can do that to the address given above and read about other such requests here.

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