Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Social Security for Rent

I almost always get upset when I reach for the New York Times first thing in the morning, but today my gastric mucosa is being irritated by an article without any liberal bias that I can detect. As a matter of fact, if the NYT could be getting on the trail of the abuses resulting from our complete lack of border control. You can read the article here, but it primarily documents the practice whereby Mexicans work here for a few months a year and then go back to Mexico for a few months while drawing unemployment compensation. Then, while on the dole down there, they rent out their Social Security numbers to illegals who work here using them for a few months. Since they don't make enough to actually pay taxes, the one who rents the card out gets the tax refund claimed by the other person. Since legal American residents can lose their green cards if they stay out of the country too long, the practice is not likely to stop.

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