Monday, June 20, 2005

Live Longer?

The Wall Street Journal had an interesting article today on longevity and how to achieve it. Since I am getting to the age where it seems prudent to look at how long the future is and how to make the most of it, I read it pretty well. Basically, it says you should avoid stress and maximize control over your life. Of course, the nags always want you to eat right, watch your weight, and excercise. Some of the most important things I learned are as follows:

1) at my age, 66, I can look forward to another 17 years of life on average.
2) only 1/3 of your longevity comes from heredity (I was hoping for more)
3) a waist line over 40 inches produces a dramatic increase in risk for a heart attack (hooray for my current 38)
4) 63% of men 80 to 102 years old are still having sex (that's nice)
5) excercise helps a lot, but only if you like it because if you don't like it, you get stressed
6) married men have less stress and a longer life span than single, but women only need close relationships (guess husbands don't relieve stress much)
7) an active family life and social relationships improve physical health in both man and animals
8) a good night's sleep is very helpful and allows stress to dissipate (hope naps help, too)

One thing not covered in the article is how a man is supposed to maintain any control over his life and be married at the same time. Could that be why a woman my age will live 3 years longer than I will? Probably.

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