Thursday, April 10, 2008

Senatorial Disgrace

Sen. Jay Rockefeller who was born to wealth and has spent his adulthood being a politician without ever finding military service to be part of his plan has issued a slur on John McCain's service. He said McCain dropped laser-guided bombs on innocent people in Viet Nam and gave no thought to the consequences. Ergo, McCain cares nothing about the lives of people.

This is such a despicable case of slander that even some liberals who also hate the military are taking notice. Aside from being untrue (laser guided missiles were not available before McCain got shot down) it is also idiotic. Does Rockefeller also feel this way about those thousands of pilots in World War II who flew missions over places like Guadalcanal?

Rockefeller came forth with an "apology" for "an inaccurate and wrong analogy". What he said was not an analogy. It was a specific reference to actual acts --McCain's service to his country.

It is really disturbing that this man is the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

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