Thursday, April 24, 2008


BestView is convinced that liberals usually find themselves taking actions which produce the exact opposite of intended, or stated, objectives. Many examples offer themselves, like the Great Society which was going to help poor people and instead gave us several generations of decadent dependents. Then there is the claim that if we just raise the tax on capital gains we can take money from the filthy rich and do more good things with the government spigot. Of course, the fact is a lowered capital gains tax increases revenue--and vice versa.

This brings us to global warming which the liberals (some of which are Republicans) claim is anthropogenic and can be corrected by reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Ignored in all the current blather about man's pitiful contribution to climate change is the sun. Sunspot activity has been at minimal levels now for over a year and this has always produced climate cooling--often of remarkable magnitude. Napolean's winter in Moscow has been associated with low sunspot activity, for example. Now the snow in Baghdad last winter for the first time in centuries and the extent of Antarctic ice development, which is greater than any time since the place was discovered in 1770, plus other observations suggest that we could once again be faced with the opposite result of liberal contentions. With Al Gore calling for global warming, we should instead prepare for the big chill.

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