Friday, May 22, 2009

Memo Logic

Let's see where we stand on the interrogation memos everyone is talking about. Obama released the ones which set the legal framework upon which three terrorists were convinced to chat to us about future attacks on America. Once this was done, Dick Cheney asked that the other memos which concerned the results of the little CIA talks with our detainees. Cheney says they will reveal that our persuasion techniques were helpful. Obama says he has read them and he finds them "ambiguous". So, even though BO says he is going to have an open administration and the memos in dispute will not support Cheney's claim, he is going to keep them classified. Those of us who are skeptical about all this somehow find it passing strange that Obama would hesitate to prove the former Vice-President wrong in his claim. Logic finds us on the other side of the Messiah's decision on all this and we look for him to cave as he has on so many other things.

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