Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Walk on the Left Side

Now and then BestView checks in to see what liberals are concerned about on their blogs. Since our entire government is now controlled by Dems the main problem seems to be any voice contrary to their social/big government agenda. First it was Rush Limbaugh and now the boogie man seems to be Dick Cheney who had the temerity to actually give a couple of interviews. Here is an example from the blog Talking Points Memo:

This is a guy who made an entire career as the ultimate evil puppet-master, always behind the scenes and always in control. What strikes me as so out of character is his apparent inability to keep his mouth shut when he no longer has his hands on the strings. While I despise him for what he did to our country's image and his shredding of The Constitution, I have always had a begrudging respect for what I thought was his phenomenal discipline and long term ability to keep the goal (however evil) in front of his public ego. Now I am finding him to be an ever more paranoid, disturbed, and pathetic man and I am truly shocked that those on the inside let him run the show for so long. I would ask how we let this megalomaniac do so much damage, but he wasn't actually a megalomaniac - that requires a delusion of power.

They really don't like Cheney much in loonyville.

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