Friday, May 08, 2009

Voucher Update

BestView is still steaming at the Obama position on vouchers for black students who are demonstrably benefiting from their escape from the failing D.C. schools. Now, apparently since they are catching some flack from what is an indefensible position, they say students currently in the voucher program can be "grandfathered" and continue, but no new students can be added. This, of course, is tacit admission that the program works but the teachers union can't be challenged.

Meanwhile, other liberals are concerned with the fact that there are 4,777 black males per 100,000 in the nations federal and state prisons and local jails. The number for whites is 727 per 100,000. Blacks are 13% of the general population and 38% of the prison population. What is the liberal solution to this disparity? They want to make the use and distribution of crack cocaine the same as powder even though they know that crack has a greater effect on black communities and locking up crack pushers and users longer has to be a positive. This is evidently a better solution to the problem than giving young blacks a good education. Our prisons are not full of educated men of either race.

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