Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Georgia SAT Adjustment

The education establishment in Georgia and other states in the South is embarrassed yearly by the relative deficiency in the scores of our students who take the SAT. School systems have come up with all manner of ways to excuse and defend this situation, but now they seem to have the answer which I understand other states have previously adopted. Our University system consists of some 26 institutions of higher education and from now on students will no longer have to have a SAT score to be admitted to some 15 of these schools. If you have a C average and tuition money, you can get in these schools. This solves all sorts of problems. Students who show little academic preparation can now be counselled to simply pass on the SAT experience and go straight to college where their deficiencies will presumably be addressed in a less public fashion. After all, a healthy minority of our enrollees into our very pestigious University of Georgia needs remedial work to overcome lack of preparation by our public schools now. Our high schools will not produce a higher quality product but I would look for our relative SAT scores to increase nicely and everyone will feel a lot better.

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