Monday, April 04, 2005

Obituary Lapse?

You have to search really hard to find any mention of the Cardinal Bernard Law matter in any of Pope John Paul's obituaries and career accounts. A few years ago, it seemed quite probable that Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston would have to face trial for his appalling collusion in the child-rape racket that his diocese had been running. The man had knowingly reassigned dangerous and sadistic criminals to positions where they would be able to exploit the defenseless. He had withheld evidence and made himself an accomplice, before and after the fact, in the one offense that people of all faiths and of none have most united in condemning. The church that has allowed no latitude in its teachings on masturbation, premarital sex, birth control, and divorce suddenly asks for understanding and "wiggle room" for the most revolting crime on the books. Cardinal Law isn't going to face a court, now. He has fled the jurisdiction and lives in Rome where he continues his work on a board which allows him to contribute to the process of appointing diocesan bishops. I suppose the consequences of this seemingly abhorent situation and Pope John Paul's contribution to it is being handled at a higher level now.

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