Monday, April 11, 2005

The great bake sale kurfuffle

I am at an age where I am often the recipient of favors based not on some deserving characteristic, but only because of my age. Senior discounts are widely accepted even though they make very little sense for most of us and younger persons should find them objectionable. If you set up a business where you gave seniors some kind of preference, nobody would raise an objection. What if you started a restaurant where you gave a discount to armed service members? Again, no objections. Lower prices for children? No problem. Lower prices for blacks? Higher prices for Asians? Might be some comment there, but you would get a large black customer base relative to Asians, but the lawyers would most likely not get too excited. Black preferences are pretty much accepted today. We have had preferences for a long time in education and the black power base guards them tenaciously. All this makes it hard to understand why the administrations at numerous institutions of higher education (Northwestern and SMU, for example) are in a state of high dungeon fighting the bake sales on campus which sell cookies and cakes to blacks for less than the price charged to whites and Asians. This is called hate "speech" and a threat to campus tranquility. And, of course, any discussion of the difference between admission preferences and cookie preferences is strictly avoided.

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