Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Afghanistan Report by Michael Yon

Michael Yon for many years, in both Iraq and Afghanistan, has been an independent reporter who actually goes out into the field of battle instead of staying in protected areas like most reporters. This is his latest pictorial report from Afghanistan which ends with the following conclusion. Go here to read it all and see his pictures.

The war is heating up and all signs indicate it will continue to worsen. The Afghan war has become more dangerous, on a per capita basis, than the Iraq war ever was. The unit I will soon be with took five KIA last week and many others wounded. July will almost certainly be the most deadly month so far in the entire Afghan war. The press makes it sound like the British must be shaken, but I know those soldiers. They will be striking back. Needless to say, our people will do the same as needed. Nobody over here is shaking in his or her boots. We don’t have enough troops, or Afghan forces, but our folks are ready for more action and will do what needs to be done.

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