Thursday, July 02, 2009

The EPA Muzzle

1. The EPA of the "open" and "transparent" Obama administration decided a contrary report on the contribution of man to our current global cooling which is called global warming or "climate change" is discussed in this Wall Street Journal essay.

BestView agrees with a comment to the article above:

....the silencing of Mr. Carlin along with Al Gore’s lifestyle, reveals the true nature of the hoax, that it is a political tool to further a leftist agenda. If Global Warming was actually occurring and caused by man, then the earth would be warming. It’s not. If there was legitimate concern about the effects on the planet, all “believers” would stop flying, driving and maybe even breathing and there would be intense, open, honest debate in an effort to find real solutions without silencing any particular point of view. Instead we are told to accept climate change on faith and any views such as Mr. Carlin’s which are not supportive of Obama’s agenda are heresy.

And also this one:

I was up at Glacier Point in Yosemite admiring the glacial polish on the granite and reading the signs explaining how the ice in Yosemite Valley had sculpted the U-shaped valley, that 10,000 years ago the ice retreated, leaving the valley as we see it today. I thought "there's your global warming -- it's been going on since the last Ice Age (which was not the first Ice Age)." Why is it that there's a sudden leap of faith that it is human activity causing the warming? Bunch of arrogant people who project trends via computer programs and tell us that C02 is going to get us all when it is an infinitesimal percentage of the atmosphere. Could it be that there's a new religion afoot? One which uses a natural phenomenon to exercise control over people and congeal power in the great and all-knowing government? Let's not bow down to the new czars yet.

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