Sunday, July 05, 2009

Palin Derangement Syndrome

It is fascinating to read and hear the reaction of the chattering class to Governor Palin's resignation. All of the liberals just despise her. This is especially true of the liberal females like Maureen Dowd, Ruth Marcus, and Gail Collins.
She is stupid, ill informed, mentally ill, a quiter, and all manner of lower humanity to these elites. Why does she elicit such emotion? Surely the New York and Washington punditry have other things to worry and concern themselves with. Obviously, that is not the case with any liberals including those in the Republican party who are also working behind the scenes to discredit her. One of the most absurd objections to her is her resignation to do something else. How much did we hear when Obama essentially resigned from the senate (even though he collected pay checks each month) and started running for President? John McCain did the same thing. Before them there was John Kennedy, Joe Lieberman, and others. Didn't Hillary resign from the Senate to do something else? Guess that was different since nothing was said about it. Nobody knows anything about Palin's plans or the specifics of her family situation, but the speculation is almost entirely negative and premature. She is obviously a tremendous threat to some large part of the political status quo.

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