Friday, January 14, 2005

From: Carol Platt Liebau

Victor David Hansen, as usual, gets it right: "Islamicists Hate Us for Who We Are, Not What We Do". When a group feels victimized, no history of aid -- military and economic -- to Muslims means anything. "Crimes" will always be invented to rationalize an irrational hatred.

The vast bulk of the American electorate understands this. But a lot of Democrats -- Pat Leahy, among others -- don't. And they have lunatics among their staunchest partisans -- people who are more worried about the well-being of terrorists in US captivity than about innocent Americans and Brits having their heads hacked off with a butter knife.

Obviously, torture is wrong and runs contrary to American values. But if the Democrats think they are going to win back the American electorate with indignation that always runs hotter against this country than against its enemies, well, they have a long time in the wilderness ahead.

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