Tuesday, January 11, 2005


There was a train wreck near my hometown the other day. Someone evidently left a switch in the wrong position and a train collided with a parked train and a tanker car ruptured releasing chlorine gas which unfortunately killed 9 persons, sent numerous others to the hospital and displaced hundreds more who were forced to leave their homes for what has now been several days. They are still working to stop the leaking and get the people back into their homes.
Ordinarily you wouldn't think this would increase our tourist influx, but it has. Yes, we are evidently being invaded by lawyers from all over the country who are stalking the victims in an effort to sign them up for what will undoubtedly be extensive litigation. One lawyer from Miami followed family members into a victim's hospital room in an effort to contact the person trying to get over the exposure. What could be a lower form of humanity?

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