Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Tsunami Relief Contributions

Like most Americans, we are wondering how best to help the victims of the tsunami in Southeast Asia. Anytime you are asked for cash, you wonder how the money will be used and even what percent of the contribution will go for any worthwhile purpose. Most experts suggest one should go to the Usafreedomcorps web site and select one from there which has been vetted somewhat and can be expected to use the money wisely. I heard on T.V. today that Sri Lanka has refused even medical help from Israel. This struck me as especially sad, so I thought maybe I would just give to a Jewish charity set up to help in Southeast Asia. That way, the money would go to victims who presumably need it and also want it enough to accept help from even Israel. I selected this one . I don't know much about Jewish charities, but I hope this one does some good.

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