Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Social Security

Many can't understand how the Democrats can reflexively reject President Bush's social security reforms in the complete absence of the details of his plan. All we really know is that he wants to give young people the OPPORTUNITY to put SOME of his payroll taxes into an account which will be invested into fairly sedate stock and/or bond funds which will be expected--over time-- to grow enough to offset what will be a reduction in the government check from Social Security when they retire. Liberals and conservatives have completely different philosophical traditions which will form the basis for the coming debate, but you won't hear it expressed openly. Republicans and conservatives feel the government should foster individual, family, and community achievement even if that makes society less equal. The Democrats and liberals want to use government to foster equality even if that makes the economy less efficient by penalizing those who are most productive.

This explains why old people who have been specifically excluded from any effect of the new Social Security rules can ardently oppose personal accounts. This in turn accounts for the reluctance of many Republicans to address the changes requested by President Bush. Those most benefitted, the young, aren't usually paying attention to events 40-50 years from now and don't vote in any case. Those oldsters who are not affected vote in high numbers and are afraid of any changes in their beloved monthly stipend. President Bush has a job of work to do.

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