Sunday, January 16, 2005

Looking Back

I got an E-mail today from a woman who was in my Sr. Class in High School and has taken on the chore of informing everyone in the Odessa, TX High School class of 1956 when someone dies or is in the hospital--mostly deaths. The former classmate who was the subject of today's death notice was like most of them in that I knew I knew her but couldn't really place her, but the notice mentioned she had lived in Seneca, South Carolina which is not far from me here in Georgia. So I looked her up in my yearbook. After refreshing my memory of Madolyn and regretting that I had not known she was so close and ran an antique shop, I was struck, as I looked at numerous pictures, hundreds of students, I could not find one single classmate or teacher whom we would now consider fat or even overweight.

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